what is all this?

I create digitally painted portraits using selfies sent to me by people I have never met. The raw base photo I use to create the portrait is taken by the subject forcing me to paint the portrait of a subject using the subject's own self-portrait.

ummm..ok, why?

This project came out of plague-necessity. My normal process making portraits starts with very elaborate photo-shoots in long sessions with just me and the model in the studio. I then digitally collage and paint over the photo I choose (one out of thousands) to make the final portrait which I send to the model. This process has been interrupted due to a world-wide pandemic. Which sucks.

What does not suck is now I am able to make art from the view of the subjects own lens. The way they see themselves or want to be seen by others is the beginning of each of my pieces on these pages.

What also does not suck is my time with all the wonderful people around the world that generously send me their photograph with only the promise was getting "something interesting" in return. Most of them seem pretty happy with the results even though making people "good" is pretty far from my intent. Thank you for your submission.


who are you?

In addition to my portraits I am also a creative director/ writer/ designer for the entertainment industry. I live in Brooklyn with my partner (both business and domestic) and my two little girls (every other weekend). My website is

All of my work is in celebration of human awesomeness. Thank you for visiting. And thank you for being awesome.